Who are we?

NGen Solutions is a digital transformation consultancy that challenges the existing models and thinking in IT, Digital and Business Transformation. 

We provide: Experience, Skills, Tools and Expertise - so you get Big Consultancy results at small consultancy costs!    Our aim is to give you Next Generation solutions that maximise your return on investment.

About NGen Solutions

We’re a boutique consultancy, founded by consultants who work with smart tools to deliver digital workplace transformation solutions.

We believe in delivering value from IT. Too often, we’ve seen the investment but not the return. It’s not rocket science and it’s not just tech. It’s about understanding the benefits case properly – it’s about people, tools, enabling organisations and individuals in a constantly evolving technology landscape. You can’t do the same thing as you did 3 years ago.

Working with trusted experts

IT is an amazingly dynamic world and sometimes the answer is simply to find an expert, rather than doing it yourself on top of the day job. 

We've chosen our niche focus areas and we know when it's time to call in a partner.  So if we cannot help you ourselves, we'll be happy to introduce you to other similar boutique consultancies.


The Team

NGen Solutions was founded by Andrew Cunningham and Chris Santilhano, who have worked together for over 10 years on numerous major change projects. We work with people we know and trust to help you get the outcome you need.

Chris Santilhano
Managing Partner
Andrew Cunningham
Managing Partner