What is User Experience tooling?

Combines application usage and device performance.

Physical or virtual Windows machines

Monitor apps and HW.

Aggregate, summarise, look for patterns and insights



Why should you care?

This approach brings some great benefits:

  • 1) Helps you understand what you need and when you need to change it
  • 2) Keep users happy
  • 3) Rollup data over time and over different groups
  • 4) Early warning if patterns change


How does it work?

Aggregating data and looking for patterns.

Collect via agent

Aggregation and Summarisation rules

Visualise for insight

Predictive analytics



What does it cost?

We're in beta right now, so you are welcome to trial the product at no charge.

Once we launch, our value ethos will be clear in our pricing.

We're just at the start of our journey and we want customers for life as we extend the capability, integrate multiple data streams and enrich our visualisation solution.

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